Social media should be just that…

These days, social media is everywhere. Facebook, NextDoor, and other sites are tools that residents can use to communicate socially with each other. Whether it be a social group or maybe you’re having a block party or planning a wine tasting, these are all great reasons to use social media in your community. But sometimes the homeowners use social media to report things they should report through other channels. For example, homeowners go on social media and say things like, “Something’s not working at the pool”, or “I got this letter from the HOA about my grass”…

What the homeowners are not aware of is that most management companies (including ours) don’t monitor social media sites. In this example, weeks go by with no response from the HOA and the poster adds even more posts, “Oh, my gosh, they haven’t take care of this! This management company sucks!” – But we as the management company are completely oblivious because it wasn’t reported directly to us.

The management company handles all of the financial aspects of your community along with the vendors, the payments/deposits, and the enforcement of the rules for the community among many other things. They are the best contact you have to answer direct questions about your association.

Next time you need answers, try the method above, then, if you wish, post on social media how it was handled by management. That way there is a happy homeowner with the direct answers to the issue and it was handled in a timely manner.

Questions about your association? Contact is anytime.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! : )

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