The Benefits of Professional HOA Management for Your Community…

“Homeowners’ Association: the means whereby people who own homes are able to transfer their rights to the neighborhood control freaks.” 

– Most Homeowners

There are a number of benefits to having a professional HOA management company for your community. However, there are also a number of common misconceptions about professional HOA management companies that may make residents skeptical of the benefits of hiring one.

Before you decide that an HOA management company is NOT for you, make sure you know the truth about the company’s purpose.

An HOA management company does NOT replace the board…

The purpose of the company is not to replace the board. Rather, a company is brought in to help the board be efficient and effective. HOA management companies can offer guidance, but board members still make all key decisions.

HOA management companies ARE hands-on…

All good HOA management companies make themselves available for communication and inquiries.

A good HOA management company is NOT out to get your money…

It can be frustrating to get a violation notice from your HOA, particularly when a fine is also involved. However, homeowners need to know that any rules and regulations are not set by the management company, but by the board and/or the local government. HOA companies manage the fines, but this is a very small portion of their purpose.

A good HOA company SUPPORTS the board…

A good HOA management company will never seek to override the decisions made by the board. While they can offer guidance or suggestions for improvement, the board members always have the final say. Visit for more!

At Your HOA Community Management, we will always treat homeowners and board members with the utmost respect. Remember, the whole reason we are in business is because of you.

Questions? Contact us anytime.

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